NEIDA has ordered two additional CNC Sliding head machines, a 10mm Diameter SL-10 and an SX-38 Type A, 38mm Diameter machine for the production of turned parts at our Stoke-On-Trent Head Office and Isle-Of-Wight manufacturing locations.

These two new additions take NEIDA Group’s total machine count to 105, 34 are CNC sliding head technology, producing turned parts up to 42mm in diameter.

With a diverse range of CNC, Multi-Spindle and CAM machines, NEIDA’s UK manufacturing locations produce precision-turned parts for various sectors, including Automotive, Access & Security, Medical, Electronics, and Interconnect.

A delivery scene showing the STAR SL10 sliding head machine being unloaded from a truck. The machine is securely fastened to a pallet and is being carefully lifted by a forklift operator. The delivery personnel are wearing protective gear and are working together to ensure a safe and successful delivery. The image captures the excitement and anticipation of receiving the advanced STAR SL10 sliding head machine, a valuable addition to the manufacturing facility.

Our CNC Sliding Head Investments

Following the successful installation of NEIDA’s first SL-10 just three months ago at our Head office and Manufacturing facility in Stoke-On-Trent, an additional SL-10 has been acquired to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for high-precision small-diameter parts. The new SL-10 CNC sliding head machine investment has been delivered and installed at our Head office and Manufacturing facility in Stoke-On-Trent, ready to produce small diameter precision turned parts.

“A decision was taken to increase CNC Sliding head capacity further investments in the Star SX and SL range. These machines have brought significant advantages since they were installed only a few months ago, with proven reliability and improved process capabilities.“

David Brown, NEIDA Managing Director

To further expand our machining capabilities and maximise productivity at our Isle-Of-Wight Manufacturing facility, NEIDA is imminently waiting on the delivery and installation of a second SX-38 Type A machine. This 38mm diameter sliding head machine is a versatile, powerful and heavy-duty solution for machining complex mill-turn parts.

What is CNC Sliding Head Technology?

Sliding head machines allow for two components to be produced simultaneously and have driven tooling, which enables a variety of processes to take place in the primary and sub-spindles at the same time. This means we can manufacture complex components in a single operation and allow for reduced cycle times and a more efficient method of manufacturing.

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